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Llama Race

Pack/Walk Llama Race
This excellent opportunity for the general public allows them to experience the abilities of the llama on a defined course. The Rocky Mountain Llama Association is striving to have more than enough llamas to go around so that anyone who wants to can participate in the race.

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photo by Julie Bullock

There will also be llamas available for the Llama Lunacy, where children have a chance to take a llama on a small obstacle course and receive ribbons for their efforts. Cameras are allowed! There are plans for other llamas events, such as a petting zoo, during the day including the town parade on Sunday after the start of the burro race.

Llama Camp
Llama owners and llamas will begin arriving on Friday. A Llama Camp is set up approximately four miles outside of town. It is an excellent location for the llamas to graze for the weekend and for the llama owners, racers, and general public to gather.

The Rocky Mountain Llama Association has requested assistance from RMLA ranchers in the region to provide llamas for the public walk of the racecourse after the pack race.

Volunteers are encouraged to assist in registration, timing, as course spotters, with the llama camp dinner, and course setup and tear down for Llama Lunacy.

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photo by Julie Bullock

Race Day
The race is a 3-mile flagged course loaded with man-made and natural obstacles, including three or more river crossings. The race starts at South Park City, the ghost town on Front Street. The finish is in front of the Hand Hotel, also on Front Street. The best time is just over 21 minutes for the 3-mile course. Each llama in the pack race will carry a total of 30 pounds (including pack and panniers) in the race from start to finish.

Weigh-in concludes about 15 minutes before race time. The runners and llamas on leads will run four blocks to the pack-load area, load their packs onto the llama and proceed through the marked course to the finish line.

Previous Year Participants
We invite all previous race winners and other participants from previous years to return this year to better their times and enjoyment.

The Amateur Division is made up of the following age divisions: 12-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+, by male and female classes. Place ribbons will be given for the first three places in each division. Participant ribbons are given to all amateur pack racers and walk entries, as well as each child entered in the Llama Lunacy obstacle course.

Thank You
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the great merchants of Fairplay for their history and donated prizes.
        Gary Carlton
        Comance Creek Llamas
        Strasburg, CO

All participants in the Pack/Walk Llama Race or Llama Lunacy are required to pre-register.

Pack/Walk Llama Race

2015 Registration Form

Updated June 30, 2015

For more information, contact Gary at (303) 503-1324.

Information Subject to Change

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